Four Paws

POSTED 17/08/2012 - By Huw

One of the most recent charities to come to Angel for a response handling agency is 'Four Paws.'

For almost two decades, the charity has consistently and successfully focused on one goal: to help animals - abused due to economic, scientific or other reasons - to their rights.

The vision of Four Paws is a world without animal suffering. The charity views themselves as the advocate and champion of those who have no voice of their own, namely animals.

This month Four Paws launched itís new video clip ďHOPE isÖĒ. The main objective is not only to position FOUR PAWS as a charity that brings hope for animals in need, but also to highlight the commitment of a team engaged in one of the largest animal welfare initiatives ever undertaken.

The viral clip has been produced pro bono by the South African creative agency Witch Wizard. Four Paws now hope to get further support from online partners and media in placing and sharing the viral clip in order to raise awareness for animals in need, and so by posting it here, we're doing our own little part.

Please watch and share the clip below...


Advantage Africa

POSTED 15/08/2012 - By Huw

One of the most exciting moments at the 2012 Institute of Fundraising National Convention was the Dragonís Den event. Fundraisers pitched their ideas for a chance to receive £5000 backing at the discretion of three Judges.

One of the two final winners was Advantage Africa who scooped the cash for their Plate Project- which is based in the small village of Obambo in Western Kenya. By using a Facebook app, users can design a plate and then add a donation to put food on it. For donations of more than £40, Advantage Africa will make the plate designed and then send it out to Obambo for real.

Andrew Betts, Director of Advantage Africa said: "We are so delighted and grateful to have secured funding as well as the promise of mentoring support from the Dragons.  The Plate Project will help provide a nutritious meal for over 100 orphaned and vulnerable children each lunchtime in Obambo, Kenya.  It may be their only meal of the day."

Simon Moirrison - Director of Policy and Communication's at the Institute of Fundraising said: "These worthy winners made excellent presentations and really fired up our judges' imagination with their passion and commitment to their causes.

Here at Angel we were also so impressed by the Advantage Africa pitch that we decided to donate our SMS and donor conversion services to the project free of charge.

Darren Juleff, Managing Director, of Angel Charity Services, said: "We are delighted to be supporting such an exciting start up charity; this campaign is going to make such a difference on a daily basis to the children of Obambo and with Angelís skills & experience we can hopefully make this campaign a real success."

The Plate project app will exist on Facebook but is currently under development and is due to be launched in September 2012. You can watch a short video about the plate project here: