Our 5th Kiva Loan

POSTED 02/05/2012 - By Huw

As we've posted before, we're great fans of Kiva as a giving platform here at Angel, and we're very happy to have made our 5th loan. This time we've chosen to help Zeid in Iraq reach his target of $3000 in order to buy an air conditioner and showcases for his fabrics shop

Zeid is a youth client of Kiva, aged 26 years old, single, and lives with nine family members, of whom seven brothers work.

He has owned his shop since 2011, selling a selection of clothing fabrics and sewing accessories. He has sufficient experience in this field, a deep understanding of local customers, and knows about their needs. He has a good reputation and he is becoming well known in the surrounding areas.

Zeid has now met his target, and we're excited to see how he does!

Below you can see how great Kiva is on providing you backend statistics on where your loans have gone to help. It's touches like this that we feel really add to the supporter experience and add so much value to the platform. Of course you can also see where our loans from us here at Angel have gone so far!

Graph of Angels Kiva Loans